Orion Pools
Pool Maintenance

Helpful Tips

Tip 1 - Prevent staining by keeping your Ph balanced. When the Ph level rises in your pool the minerals in the water precipitate, (in other words they go from being disolved to turning to a solid). These minerals, mainly calcium, form a thin layer on the surface of your pool. What ever dirt happens to be laying on the surface gets trapped and a dirt stain is formed. If you balance your water quickly while the calcium is still soft, the dirt stain will lift off the surface of your pool. If you don't catch it in time it becomes permanent.

Tip 2 - Replace the shaft seal every two years to prevent serious damage to the pump. The main cause of pump failure starts with a leaky shaft seal. The water leaks into the inside of the electrcal motor and causes corrosion. In most cases the pump can be rebuilt but the corrosion eventually causes pump failure which cannot be repaired. Pumps that never take on water last for many years.

Tip 3 - Properly adjusted alkalinity makes Ph much easier to keep in balance.

Tip 4 - Chlorine is much more effective when the Ph is kept between 7.4 and 7.6.

Tip 5 - Improper Ph is one of the main causes of skin and eye irritation. The Ph of the human body is 7.4 thus Ph that is not Ph balanced is an irritant to skin and eyes. Tap water has a high Ph of 8.0 or higher and burns the eyes. Salt water has a very low Ph and also burns the eyes. Saline solution has just the right amount of salt which brings the Ph in balance and does not burn the eyes. Note that eye drops are advertized as being Ph balanced and that's why eye drops do not cause your eyes to burn. Also, salt water pools have very little salt and are actually soothing to the eyes and skin if balanced correctly.

Tip 6 - Improper levels of stabilizer in the water can cause excessive use of chlorine which can be expensive. Too much or not enough stabilizer makes the chlorine much less effective and can also be unsafe for swimmers.

Tip 7 - Draining and refilling your pool regularly can be a very effective way of keeping harmful elements from building up in your pool water such as calcium, copper, phosphate, cyanuric acid, etc.

Tip 8 - If your pool is not skimming properly it could be because of a broken or missing weir gate. The weir gate is the plastic door flapper that fits inside the skimmer throat. The weir gate has two purposes. It prevents debris from floating out of the skimmer when the equipment shuts off and it causes the surface water to speed up near the skimmer which pulls the debris in more effectively.

Tip 9 - Leaves and dirt that blow into your pool will cause you to use more chemicals. You can save a considerable amount of money by trimming back bushes and keeping yard debris raked up. The less debris that blows into your pool the less chemicals you use.